Our Mission

Nomogram LLC provides detailing and structural modeling services, in particular for steel, concrete and wood structures. With commitment and professionalism, we guarantee a high level of quality for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Nomogram uses innovative and emerging technologies and processes to fully satisfy customers’ requests.
The perfect combination of personnel and technology allows us to carry out any project efficiently and effectively and allows us to be perfectly integrated in the construction team.
Given the dynamism of the market and the continues growth of American construction sector, we decided to establish our administrative headquarters in New York. This allows us to operate, in an international context, side by side with carpentries, erector companies and, in general, renewed construction firms.

The high competitiveness, the wide spectrum of projects, the interconnection of mentalities and different approaches, makes our job decidedly challenging, but highly stimulating.Our customers have been operating for over 20 years in the structural steel, miscellaneous and reinforced concrete sector, with over 100 years of cumulative experience. With their services, they have proven to be among the best builders and erectors for high-level facilities in the New York area.


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