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We are in one of the most dynamic cities in the world. With over 20 years of drafting experience on the international scene, coupled with use of today’s advanced
technologies, NOMOGRAM LLC will assist you in achieving your steel fabrication design and construction goals.

Our strength is to combine in a proficient way the best technology currently available in terms of parametric 3D modelling and detailing, with the human factor. Such powerful tools are used by trained and expert engineers and draftsmen in order to detect hotspots and to identify potential problems before they become reality.

With an international team, we can offer you great services for 3D Modelling and Detailing.  We work closely with your architects, engineers, home builders and
structural steel fabricators.

3D Modeling:

3D modeling has become the industry standard and, with complex steel elements in nowadays structures, it is truly an indispensable tool, in the design phase, in order to resolve any interference, plan jobs accurately and generally reduce site costs. In Nomogram, our team uses 3D modeling software from the early stages of the project to final inspection.


Over the years, the manufacture of structural steel and miscellaneous has evolved in parallel with developments in 3D modeling technology. Electronic data files such as DXF, CNC and similar, are transmitted directly to the machinery and the various elements are manufactured according to the parameters of the model. Despite this, it remains imperative that 2D drawings are presented with accuracy and quality for both workshop production and on-site assembly. Nomogram always works closely with its customers, to ensure compliance with the quality process and internal standards at all times. Our team is constantly updated in matter of industry news and codes, mainly thanks to the numerous affiliations with the many leading organizations in the sector.


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